Governess Cart


The Governess Cart or Tub Cart was one of the most popular vehicles on English roads between 1900 and the late 1920s. Designed for a single pony, they were very safe and reasonably comfortable. The driver sat at the back on the right-hand side and had a full view not only of the pony but also of the passengers sitting on the inward facing seats. It was therefore ideal for carrying children and was often used by a Governess. Unfortunately the driver’s body had a continual half twist which could be very uncomfortable. The rear access also made it difficult for the driver to get to the head of the pony in an emergency. Therefore only the calmest pony or even donkey could be used on a Governess Cart.

This late 19th century spindle-sided example was made for the 20th Earl of Shrewsbury for family use at Ingestre.  It was made by Moss Bros. of 14 Baker Street, London.

Accession Number : 64.064.0017